Desi Cow at Shivanjali Gaushala

 Desi Cow’s Agriculture Benefit. 

Desi Cow – Indian Breeds of Cows are called as Gaumatha, Kamadhenu, Lakshmi etc., by the people living in the Great Bharath.  We consider Desi Cow as our Mother and worship the same. 

Why it is so important to us? 

Desi Cow gives us the entire requirement of our farming activities in Agriculture.  It helps us in transportation of our goods.  It works in our agricultural lands.  Thus, the food we consume is because of the help of this mother cow.  It gives us the medicine for our health.  It saves the crop from pest, insect and fungi.  Finally, it becomes a part of our family. For giving all the above, what we are giving.  We are giving all the unwanted items for humans such as grass, stray etc. after taking the oil from cotton seeds, ground nuts, coconut and the remaining thing is given to the cow. In case this is not required for cow, for human being it is a waste and in fact we have to spend money to dispose this.  Thus, an environment recycle is done with the help of cow. 

The significant features of Indian Cows: 

• Hump of the Shoulder 

• In the neck the skin will be hanging. 

• Suryaketu nerve on the back, it is believed that Suryaketu nerve absorbs medicinal essences from atmosphere and makes milk, urine and cow dung more nourishing. 

• The ability to shake only a particular part of the body, for example it can shake only the skin the stomach area without shaking the other part of the body. 

• It can withstand the climatic conditions of this country, either hot, rain or cold. 

• It delivers around 10 to 15 calf’s in his life span. 

• It can walk for more kilometers and work hard accepting the climatic conditions of this part of the world. 

• A cow in its lifespan feeds thousands of people, and one cow is sufficient to do farming in many acres of land 


  1. Words have their limitations. You have to come here and feel this heavenly place..


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